Test Results In – Merry Xmas From the Abadoo Team!

by admin on December 25, 2010

Make Your Advertisement visible

A few weeks ago we posted an ad on Abadoo to see if we could get it listed in the Google search engine results.

The ad we posted was titled “Get your ex back now“, and we are pleased to report that the ad is listed here in the Google search engine results.

What does this mean for you, the advertiser? Well, if you own a business or provide a service your Abadoo listing will appear in the search engine results pages, which will be a virtual business card for your business. This is an added bonus for Abadoo advertisers – not only will your listing be accessed by vistors to the site searching for your particular niche, but also your ad will appear in the search engine’s results pages (SERPS) for searches which include the title of your ad.

Obviously we’re not guaranteeing that your listing will appear on the first page of the SERPS, but to have it appear somewhere in the search results pages is an added bonus.

So how can you capitalize on this? Imagine that you are an accountant and the title of your ad is “UK Accountants”

The title of your ad is the keyword that you are aiming to rank for, and there are probably going to be a lot of UK Accountants, so your ad will appear somewhere in the SERPS but probably not in the first few pages. However, say that your accountant’s firm is located in Crewe and you titled your ad “Accountants in Crewe” then the chances of your ad appearing near the top of the SERPS is significantly higher because the keyword “Accountants in Crewe” is less competitive than “UK Accountants”.

Of course, Abadoo is not just a site for business owners and the method described above can easily be adapted to any other advertisement on Abadoo, be it dating, community announcements, job advertisements, items for sale etc

We can target less competitive keywords in our advertisement’s title to greatly increase the advertisements effectiveness.

We hope this post will be of benefit to our members and future members and we would like to wish everyone a very happy Xmas and a very good new year

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