Paid Ads Versus Free Ads

by admin on November 8, 2011

Getting Your Business In Front Of People Is Half The Battle.

Businesses Need To Know How Search Works

One thing that we have learnt about the internet over the last 20 years is that people who are looking for a product online are looking for a bargain. People are getting so savvy and almost expect to pay less online than they would pay in a shop.

Lets get down to advertising. We have watched literally 10’s of thousands of ads placed over the last couple of years, yet very few people have used a paid advertisement. The benefits of a paid advertisement with a website like Abadoo far out-weigh the benefits of a free advertisement.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

With Abadoo for example, a paid will get you a link to your website with anchor text of your choice. Why is this important? – simple, this is what search engines are looking for.

If you have a business in Boston for example selling wedding cakes and you have anchor text for “Boston wedding cakes” pointing at your business website, then this counts as a link to your site.

Now if someone Googles “wedding cakes in Boston” or “Boston Wedding Cakes”, there is a good chance that you website will show up in the search results.

So what does anchor text look like? Business Advertising is an example – if you click on “Business Advertising”, the link will take you to and that is what search engines are looking for.

Obviously, with the example that we have used, there will be a lot of competition for “Business Advertising”, so we may appear in the search results, but there will probably be many companies that are paying lots of money to rank for those search terms, so we are unlikely to appear near the top of the search results or on the first page.

The secret is to choose a search term to rank for that is not too competitive, but is searched for often. Internet users often search for something in a locality for example “taxi in new york” or “cheap hotels in London”. If you can channel the people who would be looking for a service that you offer to your website, then job done.

You only have to get a reasonable website together to channel people who are browsing or looking for a product into paying customers.

People don’t like to think too much on the internet.

If someone is looking for a particular service in a certain area, they are most likely to simply look at the first page of the Google search results and select a business from there.

We hope that you have found this article to be of some use – happy ranking!

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