New Development Team Hired With Previous Classifieds Experience

by admin on August 26, 2010

To keep up with the challenges that we face in order to remain competitive, we have hired a new team of web developers.
We have gone over the site in great detail with the team and listed all areas that are defective or could be improved.
We have decided to create one database instead of three so that users will be able to search all three sites from one search.
The search, which is currently not performing as it should do, will be replaced with an advanced search module which will enable users to search by user, item or item number. Other backend modules will be added to make the site administration easier to work with.
Traffic has been fairly consistent this month but we are hoping that with the new modifications, which will enhance the user experience, that we will attract more users and ads posted to the site.
Finding good programmers who are pro-active has been an uphill struggle and we have found that most programmers will do the minimum amount of work to secure their payment. Good quality coding is paramount to building a successful database driven website. We have found that once something is fixed another problem appears. Solution – find good programmers in the first place, although this is easier said than done.

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