Improved Social Networking Coming To Abadoo Soon

by admin on September 7, 2010

social-networkingWe aim to improve the Abadoo user experience soon, with superior search facilities for searching by user, item, item number and location.
Traffic has increased substantially over the last two weeks and on one day last week we received an email notifying us that the site had exceeded it’s bandwith.
Improvements will be made to the social side of Abadoo, such as the user profile page, which currently sucks. Attention has been spent on finding any weaknesses on the site, which can be improved, and we encourage user participation to accomplish this if anyone would like to add anything.
A quick point of interest to anyone following this blog, is that according to well regarded research in advertising, the image accounts for 70% importance, title 10% and content 20%. So make sure you get a great image out there.
New updates will be posted soon.

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