A-Ha EDF Energy Take On Me For Over an Hour Again

by admin on July 19, 2011

No one answers my call

No one answers my call

We are just in the process of moving house and one of the list of items on our to do list, is to set up an account with a supplier of gas and electricity for the new property.

After searching on moneysupermarket, the cheapest supplier came up as EDF, who we are already with.

It took approximately 15 minutes to get through to a sales representative and approximately 10 minutes to get the accounts set up.

However, at the end of the conversation I was told to give the current meter readings to customer services and was given another number.

I phoned the number and after 20 minutes of listening to some repetitive music the line got cut off.

Cue anger and frustration!

Out of desparation, I called the sales line again and after 10 minutes of waiting, explained to the sales assistant that I had been cut off on the customer support number after waiting 20 minutes for someone to answer the phone. She seemed helpful and tried to find the account that the initial salesperson had set up, but couldn’t find it.

I explained that I just wanted to give the meter readings for the property we are moving to. She took the readings and said she would have to call me back when she had found the account – will update this later.

It begs the question, isn’t there a better way of dealing with customers than the current system, where customers may have to wait literally hours on the end of a telephone before they can speak with a service operator?

I suggest a form on the company’s website – in this instance something like – “Moving Home?” “ Enter previous supplier”" Enter previous meter readings” etc

Luckily I was off work during this incident and could deal with it from home, but what about people who have to phone from work?

Seriously, the present system just doesn’t work and is really annoying and frustrating.

Comments please

Update 08/08/12

Nothing seems to be improving at EDF for answering calls and it is most definitely the most irritating call line ever. Once you have entered your account number, you are subjected to Take On Me by A-Ha intermittently interrupted by a a woman’s voice saying “Thank you for continuing to hold. We are sorry we have not answered your call” etc

I spent over 25 minutes on the first call in a queue and then there seemed to be an attempt at answering my call and then the line went dead – so annoying.

I am currently on my second call now having spent just over an hour on the phone – perhaps we should start to bill these companies for our time

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