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by admin on February 3, 2011

We created a new fan page on Facebook to attract more traffic – you can see it here

We figured that for everyone that visits our page and likes us it will be transmitted to all their friends.

Here is a copy of the image we used Abadoo Classifieds - Get listedon the fan page. What do you think?

There’s nothing like a feisty red-head to add some spice to an otherwise potentially dull logo. We would like to hear from anyone who has had success through Facebook’s fan pages.

If large companies like Starbucks are creating fan pages on Facebook then it must be worth the relatively small amount of effort to follow in their footsteps.

Facebook has over 500 million active users, which is absolutely astonishing and the average user has an average of 130 friends. The UK has a population of just 60 million in comparison, so there are almost 10 times more Facebook users than the entire population of the UK.

We have already seen the impact of group action on Facebook with the riots in Egypt and it is predictable that we have only just been introduced to this phenomenon. Imagine the power of millions of users boycotting companies or certain products – it would bring companies to their knees in a short time. This gives more meaning to the term democracy – for the people.

If companies or organizations upset the masses, the masses boycott their products and bring them into line, whatever the repercussion or consequences of this, which is too unfathomable for this article.

Earlier this week I receive an email urging to boycott a large petroleum company’s petrol in favour of supermarket petrol due to high prices at the pumps. Anyway, I have diverged ..

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