BT Charge £130 For Fault Caused By Their Own Broadband Equipment

by admin on September 14, 2011

I wish we could try before we buy

BT packages can be expensive versions of freeview

I joined BT two months ago and have to say that so far I have found the package to be expensive when compared to competitors.

I opted for the BT Vision Gold package for £40 per month plus £10 for the line rental.

Having moved home and formerly been with Virgin Media, the only options in my new area for broadband, TV and phone packages were with Sky or BT.

The BT Vision Gold package now seems to have been renamed to TV Unlimited Plus Unlimited Broadband and Calls – perhaps because of all the reviews on the internet.

There are some pluses to the package and I am pleased with the phone and broadband, even though the broadband and TV went offline from 10pm last night until 13.30pm today – I was informed that this was a one off incident, so I’ll give BT the benefit of doubt this time.

The film club seems ok and I managed to find one or two films that were to my taste. Apparently approximately 20 films are uploaded a month so that subscribers can watch them at their convenience – a bit like TV on demand, but for films.

One of the minuses of the TV package is that there are no HD channels, so if you have a large screen TV, you cannot get the most out of your TV picture.

Another minus is that there are no documentary channels like Discovery or National Geographic, no Sky One, no Sky Movies and no Sky Sports. You can get Sky Sports if you are willing to pay extra for it. There are some documentaries from National Geographic and Discovery that you can download, but once you have watched the one’s that appeal to you, you will have to wait for more uploads the following month.

When I bought my BT vision package, I made the mistake of asking the sales person if all the movies and all the sports channels were included in the Gold Package, to which the answer was yes. Apparently according to the recording of my order, I did not ask if all the SKY movies and SKY Sports were included though, which indeed they are not.

I asked if I could get out of the two year contract and the answer was yes, but only if you would be willing to pay £686.49!

The best I could manage to get out of the contract was to get the TV package downgraded to £32 per month plus £10 line rental, so now I have broadband, phone and freeview with some catch up TV for £42 per month.

Virgin Media are currently charging £21 for broadband and phone, so the BT deal is not great. Most of the catch up TV is free nowadays on ITV player etc anyway.

My advice to anyone thinking of going over to BT for a TV, broadband and phone package would be to make sure that you are aware that you will not be getting a Sky or Virgin Media type of TV package. You will not be getting Sky Movies or Sky Sports included in any of the current packages and there are no HD channels at the time this article was published – make sure that you ask the sales person exactly what channels you will be getting.

The TV is basically Freeview with some programmes and films on demand if you are willing to pay extra for them.

BT Phone line update 20/06/12

Ever since the installation of the BT line, we have had constant crackling on the line during phone calls.

We called BT and they told us that they would send out an engineer, but if there was no fault with the line, then we would have to pay £130.

The engineer told us that the line was fine and suggested that we get a new telephone, which we did.

However, as we suspected, the new telephone made little difference and we were billed the £130.

After numerous calls to BT and trying to understand the foreign call centre workers, BT are still adamant that they will not reimburse us for the engineer’s visit.

During the engineer’s visit we demonstrated how removing the BT wireless router from one of the telephone sockets greatly improved the telephone reception, but he told us that he was just here to test the line and that would be another issue.

The crackling on the line is so bad sometimes that you just cannot hear the person on the phone, however BT seem to think that it has nothing to do with them.

Even with the broadband unplugged, the crackling remains, although nowhere near as bad.

Update 5/07/12

We arranged for an independent engineer to come out and resolve the issue with the crackling telephone line and he determined that  the fault was caused by the broadband.

After calling the BT helpline  to to demonstrate to the engineer the problem with the noise on the line, he unplugged the broadband and the noise cleared. We used the BT helpline to demonstrate the problem because it takes approximately 20 minutes for them to answer !

The following day I called BT and after waiting approximately 20 minutes spoke with someone from the other side of the world that I could barely understand. After describing the problem, he  said that he would need to speak with the broadband department and he would have to wait in a queue – another 15 minutes past.

The BT operator said that he was very sorry for the problem and I asked for a refund of the £130 engineer fee – seeing that the problem had been caused by BT equipment all along.

The operator said that he would make sure that the refund was paid and transferred to my account.

Five minutes later my mobile phone rang – it was an Indian BT operator saying that he was very sorry, but I would have to speak with the billing department to get the refund.

I asked if I could be put straight through, but he said that I would have to queue again – by this time I had been on the phone for one and a quarter hours. Finally I got through to a woman that I could barely understand. I asked to speak to an English speaking person because I couldn’t understand what she was saying. The line went dead for another five minutes then she came back on and I just said I wanted a refund for the engineers fee. She said that she just needed to check some more details – the line went dead again for another five minutes. I had been on the phone for one hour twenty minutes by now.

Five minutes later the woman operator came back on the phone to tell me that she could not give me a refund and she would have to transfer me to another department – the line went dead again.

Five minutes later music came on the phone – I was obviously placed in another queue!

Five minutes later the woman from India came back on the line and told me that she was transferring me to an English speaking person – more music.

Five minutes later an English speaking person came on the line to tell me that he wished he could help me, but he was not from the billing department and would have to transfer me – more music!

Total time on the phone so far – 1 hour 45 minutes!

Five minutes later the English speaking man came on the line to say he was having a word with somebody in accounts to get the refund sorted – more music.

Eventually a woman from Cardiff came on the line to say that she was going to investigate the charge and get back to me – total time on the phone 1 hour 55 minutes and problem still not resolved.

Fifteen minutes later, the woman from Cardiff phoned to say that she had reviewed the case and because the fault had been caused by their broadband equipment and not their phone line she would not give a refund.

So in a nutshell, BT think it is OK to send out an engineer and charge £130 to test the phone line, when all along it is obvious the line fault is caused by their BT router – work that one out.

After all the effort and stress of going through this process we still have phone line that we can not use unless we unplug the BT router.

See a snapshot of the BT Vision screen when browsing for comedy below.

BT Vision Copy of Menu

BT Vision Copy of Menu

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