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DPSIn 2004, the government introduced a law to protect deposits taken for assured shorthold tenancies. Being a conscientious landlord, I used the Deposit Protection Service – website here, to protect deposits taken from tenants.

All was well, until in 2014 , when I made my first claim to retain some of the deposit due to damage caused by tenants.

I was asked to fill in several forms and send in copies of the tenancy agreements etc.

After five months of returning letters due to requests for further information, phone calls and visits to my solicitor, I was told that all the deposit would be returned to the tenant. It didn’t seem to matter that the tenant had been sub-letting the property without my consent and that most of the new carpets had been ruined.

A website search revealed that this agency favours tenants and very few, if any deposits, are returned to the landlord.

My advice to other landlords thinking of using this service is quite simple – don’t, it’s not worth the hassle. Do a web search to verify this.

The custodial scheme run by the Deposit Protection Service used to pay out interest on held deposits, however they now keep it for themselves. For  tenancies of  longer durations, the interest on deposits pooled together is substantial and this is neither beneficial to the landlord or the tenant.

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This will cost you $90 per month!!!

This will cost you $90 per month!!!

Following a reference on the Radio to Neil Strauss’ academy, I decided to give it a try.

The course promises to teach the art of seduction and enable any male to attract the female of his dreams.

Due to a heavy work schedule I dipped into the course several times over the period of 4 or 5 months. Overall, I probably logged onto their site about 4 or 5 times during this period.

Approximately 5 months later after inspecting my bank statement, I realised that Sylelife had been billing me for £54 per month!!!

After contacting Stylelife about this matter, they said that it states clearly on the check out page that the monthly billing will occur. The image above shows part of the check out page that the customer support team are referring to.

In my opinion, Stylelife are not up front about this payment and the form is deceptive – please be aware of this company. I have reported them to my bank and they will try and recover the money.

Here is the comment from Stylelife customer services

We stated in several instances that a program was included with your DVD purchase and this program bills monthly unless canceled.

As stated on the cart check out page, #4 – -

“Dating Master Program: $85.50 Retail Value
You get 30-day trial access to Style’s exclusive Personal Training and Coaching Program in which Style share his secrets with you in monthly live coaching phone calls, direct access to Attraction Mastermind Group, the Elite Forum and thousands of the video and audio exercises, example and field missions. It’s only $19.95 per week, billed monthly, and you will only be charged after if you stay past the 30 day trial. You can cancel at any time with zero hassle by simply calling +1 888 843-4362 for national OR international +1 310 928-7895 or sending an email our customer support at, and requesting cancellation.”

Terms & conditions on the same page -

“”SLA Membership dues are billed every month. With the Stylelife Plan option, your credit card will be charged for the first month of your membership at the time of registration, and every month thereafter. Cancel anytime to discontinue your membership. Cancellation becomes effective at the end of the then effective monthly billing cycle.”

On the receipt -

“Thank you for your order! Please be aware that if a line item of “program” appears in your receipt, you have immediate full access to Stylelife Academy’s “Dating Master Program” and you’ll receive a second email with login instructions. The associated fees are assessed monthly and you are under no obligation to complete the entire program and can cancel at any time. If you purchased a standalone item from the Stylelife store, you will only be billed once, as shown here. Here is your receipt. If you are unsatisfied with your experience or materials, please contact us within 45 days of the order for cancellation or refund: Toll-Free: +1 (888) 843-4362, International: +1 (310) 928-7895.”

Basically, Stylelife are playing on the fact that most people wont’t read all the small print in their sign up form. If these are the kind of tactics employed by this company then that speaks volumes of the type of people that they are. My advice avoid this scam. This company successfully debited my account by $420 without my knowledge or consent.

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ABADOO Upgrades Site

by admin on July 20, 2012

Abadoo UK Classifieds

Abadoo UK Classifieds

We have been upgrading Abadoo, our UK Classifieds Ads site, over the last few weeks and the initial responses have been encouraging. We are aiming to make the site more user friendly and appeal to a wider demographic.

One of the problems in doing a major upgrade is that no sooner has one issue been solved another one appears – it can be frustrating at times, but very rewarding when things go well.

Upgrade work will be continued over the next few weeks and we hope to end up with a world ranking product. Our aim is always to produce something that is useful for our members and to attract new members from all walks of life.

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NationwideA couple of months ago I applied for a Nationwide Mortgage through one their branches. To get the deal that was on offer, you had to let the Nationwide transfer all your direct debits from your current bank to a Nationwide bank account.

After some thought, I decided to go for the deal, so had to open up a new Nationwide account.

After two months of waiting for a decision on my mortgage, I phoned up the Nationwide to ask for an update and was told that the mortgage application had not been received from the branch! To be fair, they had asked for more details which I had taken in to the branch approximately three weeks earlier.

Although the mortgage had not been approved, all my direct debits had been moved to the new Nationwide account, which I don’t agree with – the Nationwide could turn around after two or three months and say sorry but your mortgage application has been turned down even though all your direct debits have been moved over.

After two months and a few phone calls made to the mortgage processing centre, I received an email saying that my mortgage application had been received. There was a link in the email to check on the mortgage application progress – it didn’t work!

For me, what made matters worse was that I could not access the new Nationwide account online to view which accounts had been transferred and to keep on top of payments. To access the account online you have to phone up and ask for a pin number to be sent out, which can take up to 7 working days and if you forget your “memorable data”, which I unfortunately did, you have to re-register again and wait for another pin number to be mailed out. Also, you cannot re-register within 7 days of your last registration.

Unless you quickly transfer money into the account, you are going to go overdrawn, which in my opinion is part of Nationwide’s tactics.

To be honest I really wish that I had not started this process and have found it extremely stressful.

I am still waiting on the outcome of my mortgage application and if it is turned down will be transferring all my direct debits back to my original bank.

It seems to me that because these banks are profit making organisations they will try every trick in the book to extract our hard earned money.

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Paid Ads Versus Free Ads

by admin on November 8, 2011

Getting Your Business In Front Of People Is Half The Battle.

Businesses Need To Know How Search Works

One thing that we have learnt about the internet over the last 20 years is that people who are looking for a product online are looking for a bargain. People are getting so savvy and almost expect to pay less online than they would pay in a shop.

Lets get down to advertising. We have watched literally 10’s of thousands of ads placed over the last couple of years, yet very few people have used a paid advertisement. The benefits of a paid advertisement with a website like Abadoo far out-weigh the benefits of a free advertisement.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

With Abadoo for example, a paid will get you a link to your website with anchor text of your choice. Why is this important? – simple, this is what search engines are looking for.

If you have a business in Boston for example selling wedding cakes and you have anchor text for “Boston wedding cakes” pointing at your business website, then this counts as a link to your site.

Now if someone Googles “wedding cakes in Boston” or “Boston Wedding Cakes”, there is a good chance that you website will show up in the search results.

So what does anchor text look like? Business Advertising is an example – if you click on “Business Advertising”, the link will take you to and that is what search engines are looking for.

Obviously, with the example that we have used, there will be a lot of competition for “Business Advertising”, so we may appear in the search results, but there will probably be many companies that are paying lots of money to rank for those search terms, so we are unlikely to appear near the top of the search results or on the first page.

The secret is to choose a search term to rank for that is not too competitive, but is searched for often. Internet users often search for something in a locality for example “taxi in new york” or “cheap hotels in London”. If you can channel the people who would be looking for a service that you offer to your website, then job done.

You only have to get a reasonable website together to channel people who are browsing or looking for a product into paying customers.

People don’t like to think too much on the internet.

If someone is looking for a particular service in a certain area, they are most likely to simply look at the first page of the Google search results and select a business from there.

We hope that you have found this article to be of some use – happy ranking!

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I wish we could try before we buy

BT packages can be expensive versions of freeview

I joined BT two months ago and have to say that so far I have found the package to be expensive when compared to competitors.

I opted for the BT Vision Gold package for £40 per month plus £10 for the line rental.

Having moved home and formerly been with Virgin Media, the only options in my new area for broadband, TV and phone packages were with Sky or BT.

The BT Vision Gold package now seems to have been renamed to TV Unlimited Plus Unlimited Broadband and Calls – perhaps because of all the reviews on the internet.

There are some pluses to the package and I am pleased with the phone and broadband, even though the broadband and TV went offline from 10pm last night until 13.30pm today – I was informed that this was a one off incident, so I’ll give BT the benefit of doubt this time.

The film club seems ok and I managed to find one or two films that were to my taste. Apparently approximately 20 films are uploaded a month so that subscribers can watch them at their convenience – a bit like TV on demand, but for films.

One of the minuses of the TV package is that there are no HD channels, so if you have a large screen TV, you cannot get the most out of your TV picture.

Another minus is that there are no documentary channels like Discovery or National Geographic, no Sky One, no Sky Movies and no Sky Sports. You can get Sky Sports if you are willing to pay extra for it. There are some documentaries from National Geographic and Discovery that you can download, but once you have watched the one’s that appeal to you, you will have to wait for more uploads the following month.

When I bought my BT vision package, I made the mistake of asking the sales person if all the movies and all the sports channels were included in the Gold Package, to which the answer was yes. Apparently according to the recording of my order, I did not ask if all the SKY movies and SKY Sports were included though, which indeed they are not.

I asked if I could get out of the two year contract and the answer was yes, but only if you would be willing to pay £686.49!

The best I could manage to get out of the contract was to get the TV package downgraded to £32 per month plus £10 line rental, so now I have broadband, phone and freeview with some catch up TV for £42 per month.

Virgin Media are currently charging £21 for broadband and phone, so the BT deal is not great. Most of the catch up TV is free nowadays on ITV player etc anyway.

My advice to anyone thinking of going over to BT for a TV, broadband and phone package would be to make sure that you are aware that you will not be getting a Sky or Virgin Media type of TV package. You will not be getting Sky Movies or Sky Sports included in any of the current packages and there are no HD channels at the time this article was published – make sure that you ask the sales person exactly what channels you will be getting.

The TV is basically Freeview with some programmes and films on demand if you are willing to pay extra for them.

BT Phone line update 20/06/12

Ever since the installation of the BT line, we have had constant crackling on the line during phone calls.

We called BT and they told us that they would send out an engineer, but if there was no fault with the line, then we would have to pay £130.

The engineer told us that the line was fine and suggested that we get a new telephone, which we did.

However, as we suspected, the new telephone made little difference and we were billed the £130.

After numerous calls to BT and trying to understand the foreign call centre workers, BT are still adamant that they will not reimburse us for the engineer’s visit.

During the engineer’s visit we demonstrated how removing the BT wireless router from one of the telephone sockets greatly improved the telephone reception, but he told us that he was just here to test the line and that would be another issue.

The crackling on the line is so bad sometimes that you just cannot hear the person on the phone, however BT seem to think that it has nothing to do with them.

Even with the broadband unplugged, the crackling remains, although nowhere near as bad.

Update 5/07/12

We arranged for an independent engineer to come out and resolve the issue with the crackling telephone line and he determined that  the fault was caused by the broadband.

After calling the BT helpline  to to demonstrate to the engineer the problem with the noise on the line, he unplugged the broadband and the noise cleared. We used the BT helpline to demonstrate the problem because it takes approximately 20 minutes for them to answer !

The following day I called BT and after waiting approximately 20 minutes spoke with someone from the other side of the world that I could barely understand. After describing the problem, he  said that he would need to speak with the broadband department and he would have to wait in a queue – another 15 minutes past.

The BT operator said that he was very sorry for the problem and I asked for a refund of the £130 engineer fee – seeing that the problem had been caused by BT equipment all along.

The operator said that he would make sure that the refund was paid and transferred to my account.

Five minutes later my mobile phone rang – it was an Indian BT operator saying that he was very sorry, but I would have to speak with the billing department to get the refund.

I asked if I could be put straight through, but he said that I would have to queue again – by this time I had been on the phone for one and a quarter hours. Finally I got through to a woman that I could barely understand. I asked to speak to an English speaking person because I couldn’t understand what she was saying. The line went dead for another five minutes then she came back on and I just said I wanted a refund for the engineers fee. She said that she just needed to check some more details – the line went dead again for another five minutes. I had been on the phone for one hour twenty minutes by now.

Five minutes later the woman operator came back on the phone to tell me that she could not give me a refund and she would have to transfer me to another department – the line went dead again.

Five minutes later music came on the phone – I was obviously placed in another queue!

Five minutes later the woman from India came back on the line and told me that she was transferring me to an English speaking person – more music.

Five minutes later an English speaking person came on the line to tell me that he wished he could help me, but he was not from the billing department and would have to transfer me – more music!

Total time on the phone so far – 1 hour 45 minutes!

Five minutes later the English speaking man came on the line to say he was having a word with somebody in accounts to get the refund sorted – more music.

Eventually a woman from Cardiff came on the line to say that she was going to investigate the charge and get back to me – total time on the phone 1 hour 55 minutes and problem still not resolved.

Fifteen minutes later, the woman from Cardiff phoned to say that she had reviewed the case and because the fault had been caused by their broadband equipment and not their phone line she would not give a refund.

So in a nutshell, BT think it is OK to send out an engineer and charge £130 to test the phone line, when all along it is obvious the line fault is caused by their BT router – work that one out.

After all the effort and stress of going through this process we still have phone line that we can not use unless we unplug the BT router.

See a snapshot of the BT Vision screen when browsing for comedy below.

BT Vision Copy of Menu

BT Vision Copy of Menu

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No one answers my call

No one answers my call

We are just in the process of moving house and one of the list of items on our to do list, is to set up an account with a supplier of gas and electricity for the new property.

After searching on moneysupermarket, the cheapest supplier came up as EDF, who we are already with.

It took approximately 15 minutes to get through to a sales representative and approximately 10 minutes to get the accounts set up.

However, at the end of the conversation I was told to give the current meter readings to customer services and was given another number.

I phoned the number and after 20 minutes of listening to some repetitive music the line got cut off.

Cue anger and frustration!

Out of desparation, I called the sales line again and after 10 minutes of waiting, explained to the sales assistant that I had been cut off on the customer support number after waiting 20 minutes for someone to answer the phone. She seemed helpful and tried to find the account that the initial salesperson had set up, but couldn’t find it.

I explained that I just wanted to give the meter readings for the property we are moving to. She took the readings and said she would have to call me back when she had found the account – will update this later.

It begs the question, isn’t there a better way of dealing with customers than the current system, where customers may have to wait literally hours on the end of a telephone before they can speak with a service operator?

I suggest a form on the company’s website – in this instance something like – “Moving Home?” “ Enter previous supplier”" Enter previous meter readings” etc

Luckily I was off work during this incident and could deal with it from home, but what about people who have to phone from work?

Seriously, the present system just doesn’t work and is really annoying and frustrating.

Comments please

Update 08/08/12

Nothing seems to be improving at EDF for answering calls and it is most definitely the most irritating call line ever. Once you have entered your account number, you are subjected to Take On Me by A-Ha intermittently interrupted by a a woman’s voice saying “Thank you for continuing to hold. We are sorry we have not answered your call” etc

I spent over 25 minutes on the first call in a queue and then there seemed to be an attempt at answering my call and then the line went dead – so annoying.

I am currently on my second call now having spent just over an hour on the phone – perhaps we should start to bill these companies for our time

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Add Url

June 22, 2011

For many people or businesses who have their own website the term “add url“ is probably a familiar term.
For the newcomer to the internet however, it is important to understand why this term may be one of the most important features of a website that you may come across on the web, in order to get [...]

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Darren Upton – Accountant Jailed For Six Years

May 27, 2011

I have used Upton’s accountants for nearly 3 years and found them to be excellent – see here
However approximately two months ago, I received an email from Darren Upton saying that my tax was due for the previous tax year. In the email was an HMRC sort code and account number for the money [...]

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Tattoo Laser Treatment Reviewed

May 26, 2011

Many years ago I had some tattoos done on my arms and years later regretted them.
After doing some research, I decided upon some laser treatment to get them removed.
You can see the results on the photo to the right. I used a clinic called SK:N, who had a ruby switched laser and a YAG laser.
In [...]

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